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Natural fibres. Simple and effective.


Cellulose is a polysaccharide

  • long chain sugar molecules with 2,000 - 20,000 glucose units
  • fully natural polymer
  • fundamental part of every plant
  • purified by cleaning processes of plants
  • neutral taste and odour
  • not digested by human enzyme system
Function in Food Products

Function based on texture improvement

  • more physical strength of finished product
  • maintaining the original softness
  • fibrous appearance
  • 3 dimensional fibre network
  • no gel forming structures

Function based on liquid absorption

  • heat-stable physical water retention
  • capacity related on fibre length
  • water is not freely available
  • no change microbiology with more water
  • any liquid is absorbed ( first available liquid will be sucked in)



Liquid Absorption + Fibre Network = Moisture Balance
  • Same moisture content throughout the finished product
  • Stable processing
  • Natural Vegetarian
  • Colourless, Odourless and Tasteless
  • Neutral behaviour with other ingredients
  • Gluten free (<20 ppm)
  • Allergen free, Lactose free, Fructose free
  • Moisture balance and Fibre enrichment
  • Volume 2%-5%


Better Texture
  • More Elastic and Stronger Texture
  • More Crispy & Crunchy
  • Reduces Rubber like Bite (nan)
  • Creamy MouthFeel
  • More Juicy Product (NV)
  • Less Shrinkage (NV)
Improves Health
  • Reduction In Calorific Value
  • Lower Fats (Low Oil Pick Up)

    Water Inside The Fibres Prevents The Absorption Of Fat During Frying

  • Insoluble & Indigestible Fibres
Adds to Stability of Finish Goods
  • Improves Homogenous & Liquid Binding
NV - Non Veg


Supports Emulsification

Capillary Force is valid For Fat And Water

Reduces Synerises

Freezing / De Freezing / Baking/ Smoking / Frying

Reduces Processing Time

Freezing / De Freezing / Baking / Smoking / Frying

Enhancing Capacity *

Due Reduction in Processing Time

Enhancing Yield *

Due to Water Retention

Neutral Behavious with Other Ingredients
* 2-5% vary from product to product



Wheat Fibre


Oat Fibre


Bamboo Fibre


Plant/Cellulose Fibre

30 micron

Size Shortest
Water Retention Ratio 1:3
Texture Fine
Yield Low
Mouth Feel Creamy
Dietary Fibre High
Application (Products) Creamy/Sweets

90 micron

Size Short
Water Retention Ratio 1:4
Texture Medium
Yield Medium
Mouth Feel Smooth
Dietary Fibre High
Application (Products) Pasty/Dough

300 micron

Size Long
Water Retention Ratio 1:7
Texture Strong
Yield High
Mouth Feel Juicy
Dietary Fibre High
Application (Products) Meat/Solid Textured

Jelucel WF/PF 30

Water Retention - minimum 350%
Oil Retention - minimum 220%

Jelucel WF/PF 90

Water Retention - minimum 400%
Oil Retention - minimum 300%

Jelucel WF/PF 300

Water Retention - minimum 630%
Oil Retention - minimum 350%

Jelucel WF/PF 1000 x

Water Retention - minimum 1000%
Oil Retention - minimum 600%

Remark: If oil is present to JELUCEL before water, JELUCEL is absorbing oil and no water. If water is present to JELUCEL first, JELUCEL is absorbing water and no oil.


  • Benefits to manufacturer
    1. Economical
    2. Multifunctional
    3. Extremely High Level of Moisture Binding
    4. Reduces Oil Pickup
    5. No Gel Formation
    6. Saves Cost
    7. Saves Time
    8. Enhanced Quality
    9. Enhance Capacity
    10. Increase Volume
    11. Better Nutritional Properties
  • Benefits to Consumer
    1. Pure Plant Fibre
    2. Pure, Insoluble Fibre
    3. Creamy Mouth Feel
    4. Enhanced Texture
    5. Good Health
    6. Low Oil Diet
    7. Better Nutritional Food



Energy management DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

Valid till: 30 May 2019


QM System DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Valid till: 02 November 2020


Confirmation HACCP

Valid till: 02 November 2020


GMP+ – Processcertificate Feed

Valid till: 09 November 2020


Kosher Certificate (WF, OF)

Valid till: 31 May 2018


HALAL Certification

Valid till: 23 March 2019


Kosher Certificate (PF, BF, HM, FM)

Valid till: 31 May 2018


PEFC "Chain of Custody"

Valid till: 03 October 2021


AEO Certificate

Valid till: 06 October 2011


Food safety management system ISO 22000

Valid till: 24 November 2020

About Jelucel

During Application
  • Best results are by adding 2% of Fibre equivivalent of Total Dough Weight. This may change(Eg : For Curries Qty is 4% of Finish Good). Recommended Range ( Depending on Product) for addition of Fibre is between 1 – 5%.
  • Fibres 90 Microns retains water in ratio of 1:4 ( 1 gm fibre additionally absorbs 4 gm of water). 300 Micron absorbs water in ration of 1:7 while 30 micron in ration of 1:3. This may also differ depending on Raw Material.
  • Ensure Prehydration & Resting Time of 5-10 Minutes after addition of fibre, ensuring that Jelucel Fibres capillaries are full of Water.
  • Do not increase/change the quantity of sugar/spices or any other ingridient in receipe due to addition of Fibre and Water.
  • For Maida Based Products, Jelucel Performs Best with Gluten is in range of 13% - 15%.
  • Shelf Life refers to freshness of product for the longer time frame.